Bilo 6/17-6/23

Here are some of my favorites off of Southern Savers deal list for this week found here….take note that Bilo’s in our area double up to $.99 and also our prices may vary from what she has listed (usually I find they don’t vary by much)!!!

Nabisco Chips Ahoy (BOGOF) $1.95 each with $.55 coupon = $.84 each

Famous Amos Cookies (BOGOF) $1.75 each with $.55 internet printable coupon = $.64 each

Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes (BOGOF) $1.52 each with $1.00 coupon = $.52 each

Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce (BOGOF) $.89 each use with $1/2 coupon = $.38 each when you buy 2

$2 off instantly wyb (4) participating Pillsbury products (must be in the same transaction)  Pillsbury Ready to bake cookies, refrigerated cookies, crescent rolls, golden layer biscuits, Grands sweet rolls, cinnmon rolls, pizza crust, & bread loafs ~various coupons available

I haven’t had time to view the ad personally and when I do, I will update if there are any additional deals I find.  Happy Saving!


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