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Monday’s Money Making Idea ~ Mary Kay

Ever considered selling Mary Kay?  Katie has earned approximately $2,000 extra a month since she started just 3 months ago!! For an investment of about $100, she can show you how to turn that into $1500 profit in just 30 days….i n just a few hours a week!

With a Christian philosophy of God first, family second, and career third, there is no way you can go wrong!  Just like with anything in life, when you put GOD FIRST, everything else works out according to HIS plan for HIS Glory!  Katie gives God ALL the glory and praise for the huge success He has given her through Mary Kay.

Whether you are looking for money, friends, better self-esteem, or lots of free prizes, Mary Kay could be JUST WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR!

To find out more information, just contact Katie to set up a brief meeting (about 30 minutes), we’ll buy you coffee (or a coke if you don’t drink coffee J) and I’ll even give you a FREE gift just for meeting with myself and my director!

Call Katie at (704) 839-1776 or email at katieroseevans@yahoo.com to find out MORE about the awesome Mary Kay opportunity.


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  1. Nice site! Very professional looking. Thanks!

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