With Love From Jesus Outreach Event & Holiday Schedule


FALL / WINTER GIVEAWAY Saturday, October 17th, 2009 8am – 4pm (only 6 weeks away!~)

At this outreach, we give winter clothes, coats, gloves, hats, scarves, blankets and winter shoes out! Many people are also in need of kerosene and electric heaters! We are in such NEED for help to sort, hang and get ready for the GiveAway! Please, if you can, come do a group project, or just come individually, and help us get all these blessings sorted and put out organized for the masses expected to come!~ Each and every day we are working on this!

THANKSGIVING EVENTS: (12 weeks away~!!!!!!!)

Thanksgiving Eve, On Wednesday the 25th. We will have several groups that will go out, in different directions, different team captains, and take plates to those who do not have a stove to cook their own meal, to 5 hotels! Also, we will serve Suburban Estates.

On the Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving, we need TONS of folks to help cook, bake and get ready for this outreach. We will be compiling plates all day and evening on Wednesday! PLease come out and "sea" what GOD does!

On Thursday, the 26th, we go to the streets and feed the homeless a Thanksgiving Meal! Last year, we had a mobile kitchen, (thanks Mr. Phil), and we were able to have a cafeteria style assembly line and feed them hot, wonderful meals! What an Awesome day we had! All total – we fed over 3500 plates!


We ONLY take NEW toys, clothes and shoes for this outreach! We give away used items everyday, Christmas GOD GAVE US HIS SON – THE BEST! We want to reflect that same giving to the people/families!

WITH LOVE FROM JESUS CHRISTMAS STORE will begin December 13th – 23rd (only 15 weeks away!~)

We ask for help from the community and churches to help those who will NOT have Christmas any other way!

You can do a toy drive and buy random items for all ages and either gender!

You can have a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS" Birthday party and collect toys!

You can have a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS" baby shower in honor of Baby JESUS!

You, your church or your work can sponsor an Angel Tree! (we give you the names and info on each person)

You can adopt a single family, multiple families, or individual children – and supply their whole Christmas

* Each child receives 6 items off their wish/need list

Each child receives a stuffed animal

Each child receives a stocking

If the family does not have a tree, we give them a tree, (thank you Simpson/Pressley Family), lights and ornaments!

Each family is prayed over, introduced to JESUS, and blessed out the door. They leave with a different look than they came!

This outreach is incredible! It is so profound, and the aura you feel, is if you are in the manger with BABY JESUS!!!


We go to the Women and Children’s Shelter and take toys, candy, and stockings to the Homeless Moms with children!

We then head over to the men and women on the streets and give them gift bags filled with necessity items, life sustaining items – feed them and offer them fellowship and love! I will be sending an email out in a couple of weeks, or my friend Charlotte will, it is an email all its’ own!

At night fall, about 5:30, we have a Candlelight Service right there on the streets with the homeless! This is my favorite day and time of the year! Man, it is powerful! One man accepted the LORD right there – during the service! Others accepted JESUS throughout the day! We sing Christmas songs, share and love, and offer someone who cares – JESUS – and all by candlelight! You would never know the streets of Charlotte could be so quiet and surreal! Come see for yourself what the "heart" of Christmas is like on the streets to the least of these!!!!!!! They are sooo grateful, happy and touched – TRULY!

Come be a part of what GOD is doing and enjoy "serving" the LORD ……when you have done it to the least of these, you have done it unto me! (paraphrased) Matthew 25.

As time draws nearer, I will let you know the times to meet for each of the above Outreaches!

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR READING THESE EMAILS AND WE LOOK FORWARD TO SERVING WITH YOU!!!! Hey, there is a video that has just been done on With Love From Jesus Ministries – Charlotte! Please check out the video and give feedback to what you think! Thank you so much Lisa, Tim, Malcolm and Vincent for all your help!!!!!!!!!!! TO GOD BE THE GLORY FOR THINGS HE HATH DONE! Thanks to all of you who were used by GOD to make all the beautiful tapestry GOD does with With Love From Jesus!



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