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Key Ring Thing

A key ring thing?  WHAT is that?!?!?  This is an exciting NEW invention my frugal friends! 🙂  *There a picture of it over there >>>>>on the right side of my blog.  It is a handy dandy little card that let’s you UN-clutter your wallet by combining all of your loyalty cards (well, 6 per card) on one card the size of a credit card.

Here are some benefits to this ‘thing’..

  • Combine 6 store loyalty cards/tags on one card.
  • Add any store or club programs you want.
  • Never miss store promotions or discounts again.
  • Receive gift coupons from stores of your choice.
  • Easy to use, easy to carry, and always on hand.
  • Easily join new loyalty programs.
  • Save money in a down economy.
  • Securely store loyalty card information.
  • No security risk if cards are lost.
  • Financial information is never collected.
  • Clean up keyrings, purses, and wallets.
  • iPhone and Smart phone adaptable

Still have questions?  Click here for the FAQ’s from Key Ring Thing.com

Now that you are in LOVE with this new ‘thing’…..I know you want one.  You can print ’em free on regular paper OR they will send you a PERMANENT card (I’ve seen ’em in person and it is worth the small fee) to keep in your wallet.

“Permanent” KeyRingThing cards are double-sided, full color, film varnished, water-resistant, 20 mil, credit card-size, CR80 plastic cards, and for processing and handling cost:

  • $  4.97 for 1 card
  • $  7.97 for 2 cards
  • $  9.97 for 3 cards
  • $11.97 for 4 cards

To order click the link over on the right side of my blog BUT be sure to enter in the code CRB at checkout or click here but again remember the code CRB at checkout.


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