With Love From Jesus Update

Hello Everyone!

Just want to give you some upcoming things going on at With Love From Jesus!


Right now, up until October 17th, we are readying for the FALL / WINTER GIVEAWAY! We need help getting set up and organized for this event. If any of you can come out, have extra time on your hands – we could really use the help! Many hands make light work! We really NEED some winter coats, gloves, scarves and heaters to be able to offer to the folks the Lord will send here that day! We also need help on the day of the event! This is a great mission project for your small groups, your Sunday School Classes or a Family Serving Together opportunity!



We have NEVER done this before! We are going to have the FIRST FUNDRAISER for WITH LOVE FROM JESUS! Would you please consider purchasing a BBQ plate with the side fixings or 2 sandwiches with chips or a pound of BBQ for $7.00! We NEED YOUR HELP TO MAKE THIS A SUCCESS! We will deliver for a 10 order minimum! PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH YOUR CHURCH, YOUR SUNDAY SCHOOL, YOUR WORK, YOUR NEIGHBORS, TO EVERYONE! We do have flyers and presale tickets available after tomorrow! Would you please consider helping presale these tickets? We need every circle we can touch, and we are all in different directions –

Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner, and we NEED to generate some incoming flow, so we can try to take advantage of one stop shopping for the Homeless Outreach on Christmas Eve and the many families who will come through With Love From Jesus!

A Pastor Friend of mine sent out his regular email on Fridays and it had this quote:

"A need seen is an assignment given."

Man, I love that! The word tells us……"If you see your brother or sister have a need….."! it did not tell us they had to ask! I have to question how many opportunities have I, myself, missed "seeing"! God, please forgive me! If you have not had the opportunity to see the video made to document With Love From Jesus, and a small part of my testimony, please take 12 min and watch it – it is a huge tapestry of what GOD has sewn here @ With Love From Jesus and a story of "MESSES UNDER CONSTRUCTION!" HE’S STILL WORKIN’ ON ME, TO MAKE ME WHAT I OUGHT TO BE! This should be our theme song! The link is www.video.withlovefromjesuscharlotte.org Thank you so much – all of you for being such blessings to With Love From Jesus, to all these communities! to me! to my family!

Love ya, mean it! Have a Miracle Weekend!

With Love From Jesus,


Joy McGuire – Founder/Director
With Love From Jesus Ministries – Charlotte
5226 Indian Trail – Fairview Road
Indian Trail, NC 28079
704-882-6389 home
704-635-0229 cell


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