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coupon for ground beef

Thanks to Jennifer over at The Home Matters for sharing this Coupon. I had to play twice to receive my coupon…..The 1st time I won a Burger Timer. 😀

Use this coupon to get CHEAP ground beef this week at Harris Teeter…on sale for $1.59/pound. If you find a pack that weighs in at a pound you get it for $0.09!!!!

$.50 off any ground beef purchase!!!

This coupon can be found if you enter the Cargill Dinner in 20 Instant Win Game HERE. It seems that every time I play I get this coupon (which is a pdf!!!). It must be the default win if you don’t win the timer.

Use this code to ‘play’: A23568
When it asks you what store you got the product from enter the store you plan to use the coupon at. If it is not a store on their list use the “other” option and enter the store. The coupon will be produced with the store specific logo (if it’s on their list) and say that it’s only redeemable there. If you select other it will not print a logo or the store’s name.

You can play the game up to 5 times per day with the same code. If you have multiple stores you shop at you can get one printed with each store’s logo (if they have it on their list).

This is a DND-5 coupon so it could make for some super cheap ground meat if you pair it with a sale and only buy a pound!!! Restrictions on coupon state: Limited to one (1) coupon per person, per visit.


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