50 Free photo cards with FREE shipping

Thanks to Jennifer over at The Home Matters for bringing this GREAT deal to my attention from Freebies4Mom

You can order 50 free 4×8 or 5×7 photo cards including free shipping using the coupon code freebies4mom-1109 at SeeHere by Fujifilm. There is no catch, this truly is a freebie and I’m able to bring it exclusively to my Freebies 4 Mom readers thanks to SeeHere. I ordered my 50 free 5×7 photo cards and my order total of $39.50 was slashed to $0.00 with that coupon code. This coupon code expires on November 30 so you have plenty of time to design your free photo cards.

If you are new to SeeHere you can also get 100 FREE PRINTS from SeeHere.com by FujiFilm when you sign-up for a new account (but you need to order those 100 free prints separately from the 50 free photo cards).


You can design any photo card, but what perfect timing if you plan on sending out at least 50 Christmas cards. The photo cards include envelopes and you can choose 4×8 or 5×7 in either horizontal or vertical orientations. If you need to order a few more than 50 they are priced at 59 cents each for 4×8 and 89 cents each for 5×7.

I used the snowflake background and placed three photos on my card. I had fun using the photo editor to adjust the contract, brightness, and saturation of my photos to make them look better. Don’t be afraid to play with that photo editor because it’s easy to return to the original photo settings. And don’t forget to check out the frames, they have lots of options!

Here are my tips on creating your custom photocard:

* Background – I recommend that you pick a background first. These are fully customizable cards which means you control how many photos and which sizes they are. I love that you aren’t locked-in to the design like most photocards. I actually designed two different photo cards with two different backgrounds before finding the one I liked better. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you get the best results.

* Photos – You have a choice, pick photos from your SeeHere account or add them directly from your computer.

* Text – Create your own and you control the size, font, and color.

* Frames – Don’t forget to check out the frames, I was impressed with how many options there were.

* Speed – If you find that the SeeHere site is loading slowly then try again at another time. Don’t spin your wheels and get frustrated. Sometimes there are lots of people trying to access the site at the same time and this can slow things down. So try again during non-peak times (late evening, and early morning).


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