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Serving While Saving’s Christmas Season Challenge ~ Stockpiling

How many of you stockpile? If you are an avid couponer, I’m sure you have a stockpile in your house of some sorts.

For any new couponers, stockpiling is when you buy multiple items when they are on sale for free or really cheap and you “pile” them up in your pantry or closet until you need them.

I personally feel that couponing and stockpiling go hand in hand. You are able to buy only what is on sale if you have a well stocked pantry and stockpiling is how you accomplish that. Certain things are on sale at certain times of the year so you have to stock up on those items to last you until the next big sale. For instance, right now is a HUGE baking season so a lot of baking type products will be on sale>>>>STOCK UP!!! What happens in July when you need to bake a cake for the 4th of July picnic and you are out of your supplies?!?!? You have to go to the store and pay FULL PRICE for a can of evaporated milk that you could have gotten for pennies in November **GASP**!! Or what about now when we are all having family gatherings and Uncle Pete LOVES ketchup but the kids just used the last of it on their mashed potatoes?? Well, again, if you would of stocked up back in July or August when it was on sale-you wouldn’t have to pay $3 for a bottle of ketchup for Uncle Pete when you are already OVER your grocery budget for the week.

I have realized the importance of a well stocked ‘stockpile’ this past week. Many of you know the story of my husband threatening to have me committed if I brought home another tube of toothpaste (ok, we did have 15 at the time) because he could NOT understand how we would possibly use so much toothpaste in our lifetime. Well, little did he know that 15 tubes of toothpaste will go FAST in our house because I donate a lot of what I get in excess. And what about the 8 bottles of glass cleaner under the counter? Well, we go through that like WATER in our house with 8 glass tables that seem to be a magnet for food and fingerprints so yes, I’ll admit it, I bought 8 bottles of glass cleaner BUT only paid $.08 total for them all so how can he call me crazy? AND I haven’t found glass cleaner that cheap in months and our supply is dwindling fast. I don’t know that my heart could handle paying full price for glass cleaner!  So, stockpiling is important to help us all stay below our grocery budgets.

By now, I’m sure you are asking ‘how in the world does ME having a stockpile have anything to do with the Christmas Season Challenge?’ Good question…. And I feel it deals with the Christmas Season Challenge 2 ways:

1) By saving throughout the year, you are able to stay within your budget and many times BELOW budget so you may be able to give monetarily to others this season. You are able to serve the Lord by giving your money to those in need because you saved money throughout the year.


2) You have ALL of this food, these toiletries, cleaning products, etc stockpiled up….go through them and see what your family can survive without and GIVE to those in need. I encourage you to re-organize your stockpile this season, check the dates on food items and clean out those about to expire and donate to your area food pantry or favorite charity. Don’t let that food that you saved up go to waste when someone is out there hungry. Clean out your toothpaste and deodorant stockpile and ask yourself if you really think you’ll use 15 tubes of toothpaste before the next sale….donate those to the needy who otherwise wouldn’t have it. This is a way that you can give without taking one dime out of your budget!!

So-you see, stockpiling does have ALOT to do with the Christmas Season Challenge. For those of you just starting, it isn’t too late…….start that stockpile today ~ you will be READY for next year. And don’t forget to pick up those really cheap or free items that you may not use or need but SOMEONE out there will be able to put it to good use!

Happy Serving AND Saving!!

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9


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