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Lowe’s Foods -$1.99 milk

I had my 1st adventure with Lowe’s Foods today…..it was not  a very positive experience (more about that later) but they did have milk on sale this week for $1.99.  That is worth the trip if you live nearby to a Lowe’s Foods. 

We have a brand new store near our house and I’ve been really wanting to go check it out….so today was the day I decided to try it simply because they sent me these killer free meal coupons in the mail.  My coupon today was good for a free head of lettuce, 3 tomatos, a pack of crossiants, chicken salad and a bag of potato chips…sounded good to me for dinner tonight.  We have little money left in our grocery budget this week because of our son’s birthday parties this weekend so a free meal coupon was perfect for this week.  Well….we go in and start in the produce and there is a sign posted that the free meal coupon is only good with a an additional $50 purchase.  NO WHERE on my coupon does it state this so needless to say, I wasn’t very happy with my 1st trip to Lowe’s Foods.  I have a whole month’s worth of free meal coupons if anyone wants them-because we barely ever spend $50 at any single grocery store so they will go to waste at our house.  They are good only at the Weddinton store. 

What has your experience been like with Lowe’s Foods??


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