Thankful Thursday ~ August 20th

I have been going through some rough waters these past few weeks.  The Lord has really been showing me alot and teaching me things about myself and this week I am SO thankful for the Word of God!!!  Do you realize how much we (or should I say “I”) take this wonderful book that God has blessed us with for granted.  It is our open communication way to the Lord, himself….just think of that…a book that gives us a glimpse of the Lord’s heart and it was written JUST for us!!!  How amazing is that?  God speaks to me in many ways, but the most amazing way is simply when He speaks directly to me through His word.  How many times have you read a scripture and it was just another scripture but then one day-you read it and BAM! God speaks RIGHT to that issue you have been dealing with or He gives you the encouragement you need to keep pressing on!  I say that is simply amazing!  I am ever so thankful for the Word of God!!!!  I encourage you to DIG in to His word!!!! 

Psalm 119:105 ” Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path”


Thankful Thursday

Lake Lure 057Today as I sit an ponder on ALL the things I am thankful for….Jesus, my kids, my family, health, etc….the one person that keeps coming across my mind is my husband-John!  I am so thankful that the Lord brought him to me over 13 years ago and as I look back at all that we have endured together, I know it was only the Lord that put us together, therefore I know we have a great purpose in the life together!  God has truly brought me a great man and my heart is thankful for that…someone that loves me for who I really am and does not put any expectations on me except just to be who the Lord created me to be ~ unconditional love is what he shows me and that is more of a treasure than millions of dollars!  So, today I am thankful for my wonderful husband, my partner in life and my BESTEST friend ever!!!  John ~ I love you!!!

“They are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate” Matthew 19:6