With Love From Jesus Update

Hello Everyone!

Just want to give you some upcoming things going on at With Love From Jesus!


Right now, up until October 17th, we are readying for the FALL / WINTER GIVEAWAY! We need help getting set up and organized for this event. If any of you can come out, have extra time on your hands – we could really use the help! Many hands make light work! We really NEED some winter coats, gloves, scarves and heaters to be able to offer to the folks the Lord will send here that day! We also need help on the day of the event! This is a great mission project for your small groups, your Sunday School Classes or a Family Serving Together opportunity!



We have NEVER done this before! We are going to have the FIRST FUNDRAISER for WITH LOVE FROM JESUS! Would you please consider purchasing a BBQ plate with the side fixings or 2 sandwiches with chips or a pound of BBQ for $7.00! We NEED YOUR HELP TO MAKE THIS A SUCCESS! We will deliver for a 10 order minimum! PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH YOUR CHURCH, YOUR SUNDAY SCHOOL, YOUR WORK, YOUR NEIGHBORS, TO EVERYONE! We do have flyers and presale tickets available after tomorrow! Would you please consider helping presale these tickets? We need every circle we can touch, and we are all in different directions –

Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner, and we NEED to generate some incoming flow, so we can try to take advantage of one stop shopping for the Homeless Outreach on Christmas Eve and the many families who will come through With Love From Jesus!

A Pastor Friend of mine sent out his regular email on Fridays and it had this quote:

"A need seen is an assignment given."

Man, I love that! The word tells us……"If you see your brother or sister have a need….."! it did not tell us they had to ask! I have to question how many opportunities have I, myself, missed "seeing"! God, please forgive me! If you have not had the opportunity to see the video made to document With Love From Jesus, and a small part of my testimony, please take 12 min and watch it – it is a huge tapestry of what GOD has sewn here @ With Love From Jesus and a story of "MESSES UNDER CONSTRUCTION!" HE’S STILL WORKIN’ ON ME, TO MAKE ME WHAT I OUGHT TO BE! This should be our theme song! The link is www.video.withlovefromjesuscharlotte.org Thank you so much – all of you for being such blessings to With Love From Jesus, to all these communities! to me! to my family!

Love ya, mean it! Have a Miracle Weekend!

With Love From Jesus,


Joy McGuire – Founder/Director
With Love From Jesus Ministries – Charlotte
5226 Indian Trail – Fairview Road
Indian Trail, NC 28079
704-882-6389 home
704-635-0229 cell


Tuesday’s Thoughtful Way to Serve Others ~ Birthday Blessings

A friend of mine posted this on her Facebook & after visiting the site….I believe this is an AWESOME organization to get involved with.

What is Birthday Blessings?

Birthday Blessings is a 501c(3) non-profit organization bringing birthday joy and support to homeless children and their families across the greater Charlotte community.  We operate on the belief that all children deserve to be celebrated, regardless of circumstance. For more detailed information on their programs click here

How can you help?

Click here for the many ways you can help.

For more information on Birthday Blessings, visit their website www.birthdayblessings.org

Tuesday’s Thoughtful Way to Serve Others ~ Help team P.I.G.

I’m sure many of you have heard of the Make A Wish foundation.  This is a pretty awesome organization and some friends of mine are walking in the “Walk for Wishes” on October 24th at Carowinds.  In honor of a VERY incrediable little girl, Abby, their team name is team P.I.G. (for Pretty Incrediable Girl).  For more information on team P.I.G. and Abby click here.

How can YOU help?

They need people to walk AND people to donate.  If you are interested in either click here for more information.

For more information on Make A Wish foundation visit www.ncwish.org

With Love From Jesus Outreach Event & Holiday Schedule


FALL / WINTER GIVEAWAY Saturday, October 17th, 2009 8am – 4pm (only 6 weeks away!~)

At this outreach, we give winter clothes, coats, gloves, hats, scarves, blankets and winter shoes out! Many people are also in need of kerosene and electric heaters! We are in such NEED for help to sort, hang and get ready for the GiveAway! Please, if you can, come do a group project, or just come individually, and help us get all these blessings sorted and put out organized for the masses expected to come!~ Each and every day we are working on this!

THANKSGIVING EVENTS: (12 weeks away~!!!!!!!)

Thanksgiving Eve, On Wednesday the 25th. We will have several groups that will go out, in different directions, different team captains, and take plates to those who do not have a stove to cook their own meal, to 5 hotels! Also, we will serve Suburban Estates.

On the Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving, we need TONS of folks to help cook, bake and get ready for this outreach. We will be compiling plates all day and evening on Wednesday! PLease come out and "sea" what GOD does!

On Thursday, the 26th, we go to the streets and feed the homeless a Thanksgiving Meal! Last year, we had a mobile kitchen, (thanks Mr. Phil), and we were able to have a cafeteria style assembly line and feed them hot, wonderful meals! What an Awesome day we had! All total – we fed over 3500 plates!


We ONLY take NEW toys, clothes and shoes for this outreach! We give away used items everyday, Christmas GOD GAVE US HIS SON – THE BEST! We want to reflect that same giving to the people/families!

WITH LOVE FROM JESUS CHRISTMAS STORE will begin December 13th – 23rd (only 15 weeks away!~)

We ask for help from the community and churches to help those who will NOT have Christmas any other way!

You can do a toy drive and buy random items for all ages and either gender!

You can have a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS" Birthday party and collect toys!

You can have a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS" baby shower in honor of Baby JESUS!

You, your church or your work can sponsor an Angel Tree! (we give you the names and info on each person)

You can adopt a single family, multiple families, or individual children – and supply their whole Christmas

* Each child receives 6 items off their wish/need list

Each child receives a stuffed animal

Each child receives a stocking

If the family does not have a tree, we give them a tree, (thank you Simpson/Pressley Family), lights and ornaments!

Each family is prayed over, introduced to JESUS, and blessed out the door. They leave with a different look than they came!

This outreach is incredible! It is so profound, and the aura you feel, is if you are in the manger with BABY JESUS!!!


We go to the Women and Children’s Shelter and take toys, candy, and stockings to the Homeless Moms with children!

We then head over to the men and women on the streets and give them gift bags filled with necessity items, life sustaining items – feed them and offer them fellowship and love! I will be sending an email out in a couple of weeks, or my friend Charlotte will, it is an email all its’ own!

At night fall, about 5:30, we have a Candlelight Service right there on the streets with the homeless! This is my favorite day and time of the year! Man, it is powerful! One man accepted the LORD right there – during the service! Others accepted JESUS throughout the day! We sing Christmas songs, share and love, and offer someone who cares – JESUS – and all by candlelight! You would never know the streets of Charlotte could be so quiet and surreal! Come see for yourself what the "heart" of Christmas is like on the streets to the least of these!!!!!!! They are sooo grateful, happy and touched – TRULY!

Come be a part of what GOD is doing and enjoy "serving" the LORD ……when you have done it to the least of these, you have done it unto me! (paraphrased) Matthew 25.

As time draws nearer, I will let you know the times to meet for each of the above Outreaches!

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR READING THESE EMAILS AND WE LOOK FORWARD TO SERVING WITH YOU!!!! Hey, there is a video that has just been done on With Love From Jesus Ministries – Charlotte! Please check out the video and give feedback to what you think! Thank you so much Lisa, Tim, Malcolm and Vincent for all your help!!!!!!!!!!! TO GOD BE THE GLORY FOR THINGS HE HATH DONE! Thanks to all of you who were used by GOD to make all the beautiful tapestry GOD does with With Love From Jesus!


With Love From Jesus Need List

With Love From Jesus currently operates out of tents set up at Joy McGuire’s home. The tents last about 2 years and are in need of replacement. Here is a current “Need” list from Joy for WLFJ…..

*10 10 X 20 Tents

ESTIMATED COST FOR 10 TENTS: $2000.00 (Costco, Sam’s Club or Pep Boys)

*12 Folding Plastic Tables

ESTIMATED COST: $660.00 (Each table is around $55 each)

*4 Dump Truck Loads of Gravel (To fill in the tents where mud is a problem, and if any extra – down the driveway to fill in potholes)

*5 Garden Carts (These are used to haul things back and forth to the appropriate tents and groceries to cars. We have one, (thanks Tim and Jackie), it has been a life saver – it would be wonderful to have the others to help sort in, and take to the appropriate places).

Estimated Cost: $500.00 (Each is $100)

*3 Pop Up Tents (Used during Outreach Events! We use them everywhere!)

Estimated Cost $210.00 (Each is about $70 right now, on sale – in todays’ paper)

*10 Clothing Racks

Estimated Cost $750.00 (Each is $75 at Norkett’s Store Fixtures)


We truly NEED food to roll in. We are sooo incredibly low! A lady who helped start this ministry even said she couldn’t remember us being this low for years! If you can’t go shopping, there are people who will go do the shopping for you! If we had the funds, it would probably be about a $2 – 3 thousand dollar trip to Aldi’s! No joke – come see the empty shelves!

Here is a list of every shopping trip we buy at Aldi’s when we have the funds:

loaf bread

canned meats *treet, tuna, salmon, chicken breast, vienna sausages









instant potatoes

canned milk

mac and cheese

canned fruit

canned vegetables (peas, carrots, potatoes, green beans, corn, canned beans)


pancake mix

dry beans



corn muffin mix

peanut butter



spaghetti and spaghetti sauce


toilet tissue

paper towels


laundry detergent

Banquet Meals: Salisbury Steak, Sliced Turkey and gravy, Chicken Parmesan, BBQ ribs

Chicken Nuggets

Fish sticks


Oodles O Noodles


Pot Pies

Frozen 99 cent pizza *Kids can put these in the microwave until parents come home and cook dinner





Apples, Oranges, Bananas

Elbow Macaroni

Snack items for kids

Tuesday’s Thoughtful Way to Serve Others……a day early

I received this email today from the director of With Love From Jesus and wanted to go ahead and post these needs. Please pray and ask the Lord if there is something you can do to help these people…

We have 4 families that are in desperate need:

One family is from Waxhaw. They had a fire a year ago this past March. The dad/husband lost his job 10 months ago. The wife/mom has recently found out she is 5 months expecting, surprisingly, they already have 4 children. The house was a new dwelling when they bought it. They lived there for 1 1/2 years, then the fire happened. Second story fire, came down on first story – totally lost. The insurance paid off the note of the home. They also received "content insurance", which is how they have rebuilt as far as they have. The home is framed, bricked and closed in, but nowhere near done inside. There have been some teams of men working from First Baptist – Indian Trail, Mt. Harmony Baptist and Lee Park Baptist – THANK YOU GENTLEMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – It has been such a blessing to this family. The mother works for the school system, but cannot return right now, due to her being pregnant, she cannot lift the poundage required for the cafeteria (50 lbs.), she can only lift 25 – 30. Some of the churches are planning another work day – probably around Labor Day Weekend, I will update as I find out for sure, we sure could use some more skilled tradesmen.

There is a need for: faucets for the bathrooms and kitchen sink. There is a need for carpet in 2 rooms – they did not have enough; There is a need for rolled insulation. There is a need for carpentry, roofing, facia and faceboard.

These folks have ran out of money. When I walked thru their house, I kept "hearing/feeling" these folks need oxygen! Folks, if you are in a desperate situation – you honest to God can feel like you are choking on the situation – believe me. I did not know how true what I was feeling God say to me – this past Saturday, I asked Regina, while watching the Lord move and send soo many to bless them with help, "Regina, have you seen Jesus pass your way?" Her reply, "yes maam, I feel like I can breathe now!" Thank you Jesus for speaking to me to know how you want us to help, or follow when it makes no sense! Regina is smiling and laughing now! She has seen and felt the "HEALER" pass her way! Folks, Jesus is not just a "HEALER" of illness – HE IS THE HEALER OF EVERYTHING WE NEED! JEHOVA JIREH!

Since we are living by the Spirit, let us follow the Spirit’s leading in every part of our lives.
–Galatians 5:25, NLT

Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works.
–Hebrews 10:24, NLT


You folks might have seen on the news where a fire truck, that didn’t scotch the wheels, (I don’t know if that is the right word), ran thru a house in Gastonia. This family lost everything – when the firetruck went thru, the man / dad was on the couch asleep, with an enormous fish tank beside him, and it shattered the fish tank and soaked him – he was sooo blessed that it did not decapitate him! They came thru the ministry the other day, they had no renters insurance. They need everything – the second floor came down with the crash and broke tons of their things. They need from furniture to cutlery! This is a huge truck that went thru their home. They have since secured a home in Mt. Holly, but nothing to put in it!


An adult man called to see if we had a bike. He NEEDS THE BIKE TO GET BACK AND FORTH TO WORK! If you have an adult bike, would you consider donating this for this man!


A mom called this morning, by way of referral from the Social Worker At CMC hospital. She has a 17 year old daughter who just gave birth 2 days ago, who needs a bassinet, baby bed, or a pack and play. We tell people abortion is wrong – well, we NEED to step up and help her with that decision if possible! By the way, all things are possible with GOD!!!!!!!!!

If you can help, please email me at servingwhilesaving@gmail.com and I will pass along the appropriate information.

Tuesday’s Thoughtful Way to Serve Others ~ Help Crisis Pregnancy Center

Mission Statement
The H.E.L.P. Crisis Pregnancy Center exists to minister God’s love and support for women in a crisis pregnancy, to encourage and assist those who decide to mother their children, and to minister God’s love and forgiveness to those who have elected for an abortion.

In 1991 the Lord gave vision for the formation of a Crisis Pregnancy Center in union County. Soon afterwards the ministry of the H.E.L.P. Crisis Pregnancy Center began in a small house on Secrest Shortcut Road in Monroe, North Carolina. Over the years the ministry has grown and matured, providing loving counsel, material goods and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to women who are experiencing a crisis relating to pregnancy.

In 2000, the Lord graciously provided through His people and local businesses a beautiful new two-story building. He has also provided an ultrasound machine, staff and equipment to better serve the community.

1700 Secrest Shortcut Road
Monroe, NC 28110

How you can help?

Donate baby and kid items.  They are in real need of Diapers sizes 3,4 ,5 6  and pullups, Boys Clothes size 3-6 ( girls too but boys is more of a need right now )
Wipes, Baby Wash, Lotion, etc

They are also in need of volunteers at the center, the Ultrasound RV Unit and also any volunteers to draw blood for STD testing and to do the pregnancy tests.

Contact information:  Phone: 704-289-5133

Website:  www.monroehelpcpc.org